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Don’t Buy a New House: Three Rooms to Target to Transform Your Home into a New Space

If you find yourself bored by your home, you may be considering selling it to start over in a seemingly more interesting environment. However, instead of up and leaving a home and city that you’ve spent years laying down roots in, you can target three areas in your home to make it feel all shiny and new.


bathroom remodel weston fl

Surprisingly, a great place to start is in your bathroom. Why? Because bathroom trends change pretty quickly. If you’ve owned your home for a while, or if you recently purchased an older home, then you know that a potential sour spot in your home is a dated-looking bathroom.

To begin transforming your home, consider finding bathroom remodel weston fl experts to help update your bathroom to incorporate the sleek and modern style that is trendy in the here and now.


Another part of your home that can easily look dated and drab is the kitchen. Old school linoleum countertops and light wash wooden cabinets used to be all the rage. Now, granite or marble countertops are trendy and dark wash wooden cabinets are a must.

If you want to transform your home, then you definitely want to work on updating your kitchen to make your home feel new all over again.


What better way to make your home feel like new than to update your entryway?

Your entryway is the first thing you see when you walk into your home, so you want to love what you see at first sight to make your home feel updated and customized to your current tastes.

There are no real rules for updating your entryway, just follow the style that most appeals to you. If you’re loving the rustic-chic look, consider adding mason jars and antique lamps. If you’re loving the classic look, consider investing in a grand chandelier.

There’s no need to up and move if your home is beginning to feel drab and bland. Instead, update your bathroom, kitchen, and entryway to make your home feel brand new.