There was an old saying when we were younger that our parents used to say, “Close the door, do you want to air condition the entire neighborhood?”  This saying has stayed with me all my adult life, and after I started paying the electric bills I really had a better appreciation for protecting the house from escaping heat and cold.


The first place that heat and cold air escapes from are our windows.  This can be from the windows not properly sealing or closing tight.  When looking at your windows make sure that the weather stripping is installed properly and that there are no gaps between the window and the exterior of the home.

energy efficient spray foam solutions


Our homes are built from two by fours and plywood.  The exterior is then covered with brick, siding or another decorative material.  The inside of our homes is closed in by sheet rock.  These two materials and way of building a home is not very energy efficient.  This is why builders will but a protective barrier between the outer walls of the home known as insulation.

The insulation will form a protective barrier in our homes to guard us against the outside heat and cold.  This insulation can be installed several ways.  The best and most cost efficient option to find is energy efficient spray foam solutions.

Spray foam is the easiest and most cost efficient way to protect your home.  Where other insulations are fiberglass based and can easily become ruined, spray foam is more compact, fills in the gaps and is resistant to water.

When we insulate our homes we are keeping the elements out of our home.  This basically means that the house stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  We are also keeping out mold, animals that try to eat through our walls and much more.  Choosing the proper insulation for our homes will also keep our utility bills down and your family comfortable.